Risk and damage from landslides can be significantly reduced by taking necessary precautions and awareness.


Preventive Measures for Landslides:

  • Avoid cutting trees on hillsides and plant more trees, including bushes, shrubs, and grasses, as they help hold the soil during heavy rainfall.
  • Avoid destabilizing the slope of the hill, as it increases the likelihood of landslides.
  • Avoid creating unplanned roads by cutting hillsides.
  • Do not build houses or structures beneath or on top of hill slopes.

Ensure own safety:

  • Avoid identified landslide-prone areas and stay away from houses built on steep slopes.
  • If there are signs of heavy rainfall, move away from the hillside and follow evacuation instructions if advised to go elsewhere due to the risk of landslides.
  • Prohibit and keep an eye on children from playing beneath or on top of hill slopes.
  • Keep essential documents and valuables marked to retrieve quickly during emergencies.

Recognize and Listen for Landslide Indicators:

  • Increasing the size of cracks and numbers on hill slopes.
  • Visible signs of cracks and fissures on floors and walls.
  • Damage or displacement of walls, roofs, bamboo, pillars, latrines, and trees.
  • Accumulation of soil, debris, or sediment at the base of slopes.
  • Unusual sounds like rubbing rocks against each other or with the ground.

If you observe any of the above signs or hear such sounds, immediately move to a safe distance and inform the authorities.


If any signs of a landslide are observed, do the following:

  • Landslides can occur rapidly, so if any signs are observed, quickly evacuate all family members to a safe location and seek shelter.
  • Extend assistance to older people, women, children, physically disabled, and sick individuals to evacuate from risky areas to safe locations.
  • If the ground beneath your feet is shaking or unstable, immediately move to a strong and stable location and never stay close to the landslide area.
  • If you cannot move away from the landslide path, protect your head and face by covering them with your hands and lying down on the ground.

Things to do after the Landslide:

  • To receive assistance after a landslide, quickly inform fire services, relevant authorities, community volunteers, and nearby people.
  • A location that has experienced a landslide is at risk for a second incidence. Only return once the authorities declare it safe and cooperate in rescue operations immediately.
  • Take special care of children, the physically disabled, elders, women, and sick individuals.


Call for Any Emergency AssistanceContact for Additional Information:

Ukhia Fire Service: 01533-283832

Teknaf Fire Service: 3426-75222, 01782-787891

National Emergency Services: 999

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