The Rohingya refugees (FDMN – Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals) population are taken Shelter in 33 congested camps within Ukhiya and Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Following the guidance of the Government of Bangladesh, the Shelter-CCCM (Camp Coordination and Camp Management) sector is working to ensure Shelter and relevant facilities with the partnership of different actors in the Rohingya Camps.


Who Provides Shelter Kits?

UNHCR, IOM, BRAC, UNICEF, and Save the Children are mainly working to provide shelter kits or tents in the refugee camps.


Shelter Size per Family -

Shelters in the Camps were made with bamboo and thin plastic sheets. Based on the RRRC guidance, families with 1-6 members receive one unit of 150 sq. ft., and families with 7 and above members receive 2 units of Shelter with up to 300 sq. ft.


Shelter Preparedness during Bad Weather


ABCD principle for DRR to Improve Structural Sustainability:


Ensuring adequate anchorage by:

- Columns having deep foundations designed to prevent uplift.

- Tying down the entire structure with a roof going over the roof.


 Diagonally reinforcing adjacent bamboo columns to prevent sway of the structure due to wind.


Ensuring strong ties and connections at all bamboo joints by:

-Making sure all joints are well connected/fitted together

- Ensuring all connections are strongly tight in such a way that prevents elements from slipping.


BAMBOO has elastic properties and is hence DUCTILE. No improvement is needed. However, when concrete is used, ensure that steel reinforcement is adequate to provide ductility/elasticity.


Services are free of charge -

Shelter support and any humanitarian assistance in the Camps are free. Camp residents can contact with the Community representatives, Volunteers, and Majhis. Requesting/accepting money, goods, gifts, favors (including sexual favors), or any sort of payment/remuneration is prohibited. If any humanitarian service providers, community representatives, volunteers, and Majhis are involved/demand such favors for any community services or activities they conduct, please complain to the Camp in Charge  (CiC).


Shelter Focal Points

Shelter Focal Point.jpg

For more information:

  1. National Health Service Call Center - 16263
  2. UNHCR Hotline number – 16670; for any support related to Rohingya refugees in the Camps.
  3. Fire Service Hotline numbers are for Ukhiya 01533-283832 and Teknaf – 01782-78789.
  4. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) at all IOM Hospital Hotline numbers – 01847-351787.
  5. Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Hotline number for Cox's Bazar – 01886-555700; Countrywide – 01730020047; operated by Save the Children.
  6. The Government of Bangladesh operated Hotline numbers for Emergency services* –
Sl. No.ServicesHotline Number
 National Emergency Service 999
 National Information Services333
 Fire Service Hotline16163
 Child Protection1098
 Violence against women and children109/10921
 National ID Cards105
 Government Legal Services16430
 Early Warning of Disaster1090/10941
 Land Services / Complaints 16122
 Drug Controlling+880 1908888888
 Anti-corruption Commission Hotline106

* Source: