Passport is the only travel document issued by the Government of Bangladesh and ONLY to its citizens for international travel.

To Apply for an e-Passport, you must have either a Bangladeshi NID card or a Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) with a 17-digit number, which is verifiable at


There are Steps to follow for getting a Passport:

First Step: (Online Application)

  • Go to and click on Apply Online.
  • Open an account with the required information and email. A confirmation mail will come in the email; activate the account; if you do not find the mail in the inbox, you will find it in the Junk Mail / Spam Mail folder.
  • After opening the account, Click Apply for a new e-passport.
  • Give whatever info is required.
  • Mention what kind of Passport you will get.
  • You have to specify which way you want to pay. Now, the online way is closed. So, you have to do it offline.
  • Submit after giving all the information correctly. After submission, a confirmation mail will also be sent to the email. You can check.
  • Download the application form.


Second Step: (Schedule Selection)

  • Submit the application and then select the schedule.
  • You can take appointments in any empty slot as you like.


Third Step: (Payment)

  • You have to go to any designated bank and pay the money. (Banks: ONE Bank, Premier Bank, Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, Bank Asia, Dhaka Bank.)
  • The bank will ask for your name only. Give the exact name that is given in the Passport. In some cases, the bank authority may want to see a copy of the NID and application; it is better to take a copy at the time of payment.
  • After depositing the money, the receipt/payment slip will be given/taken care of.


Fourth Step: (Submission of Passport Application and Appointment)

Take the following Documents along with –

  • Printed copy of passport form (both sides printed).
  • Appointment/ Order slip.
  • NID and photocopy of NID.
  • Photocopy of electricity/gas/water bill.
  • Photocopy of Student ID Card (For Students).
  • Business Documents (For Businessmen).
  • Office ID card copy and supporting documents (for those who Work).
  • Nikah certificate for married couples.
  • Do not wear any white/light-colored clothes.


What will happen at times of documents Check:

  • Go to the room, take the necessary papers, see the application form, and write a seal and serial from there.
  • You will be entered as the given serial number. In this room, all your documents will be checked. If there is any mistake in submitting the application online, please tell them. They will mark your form. At the end of the check, they will sign a seal.
  • Then, your document will be rechecked, documents will be scanned, and any corrections will be corrected.
  • 10 fingerprints of 2 hands, Eye scan, and a Digital Signature will be taken.
  • Delivery slip will be given after completion of work.


Fifth Step: (Police Verification)

  • Police Officers can come to your house or call the Police Station.
  • If they call you to the police station and if you are a student, you should take your father or legal guardian because s/he needs to give a signature.
  • Documents to be accompanied:
  • NID copy
  • Student ID Copy
  • SSC Certificate
  • Father’s NID copy
  • Mother’s NID copy
  • Utility Bill copy
  • Copy of Land/Flat deed by Permanent Address.


Sixth Step: (Passport Delivery)

  • After some days (4-6 days) of Police verification, the Application Status will change from Enrollment pending Approval to Enrollment Approved. The process of making the Passport will start.
  • After a few days (2-3 days) of Enrollment Approved status, the status will be Passport Shipped.
  • After 1/2 day of Passport shipping, SMS, email, and status will be e-Passport is ready for issuance, then go to the Passport Office to get the Passport.
  • Take a copy of the Delivery slip and NID along with it.
  • Take the serial with your delivery slip.
  • Bring your e-passport after signing and fingerprint scanning.

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