The General Diary (GD) is a standard document that is used to record a complaint or incident. Filing a GD is an important process that allows individuals to record a complaint or report an incident to the police in Bangladesh. Accurate and complete information can facilitate the investigation process smoothly.

General Diary (GD): A GD is a written document that records a non-identifiable offense, such as theft, hijack, missing persons, lost property, lost/missing documents(Certificate, Passport, NID, etc)  or any other non-criminal incidents.

In Bangladesh, both online and offline GD filing processes are available:

Offline or Onsite GD Application Process:

Step 1: Visit the Police Station

- Visit the nearest police station of the incident

- Approach to the Duty Officer or ask any policeman for filing GD

- The officer will assess the GD, and its category considering the incident. The officer will ask/inform you if GD requires filing a court case. After entry GD Police can investigate the issues.

Step 2: Fill out the GD Form

- Fill out the GD form with accurate and relevant information

- You need to provide factual and detailed information, including date, time, location, and description of the incident

- Provide your contact details

Step 3: Submit the GD Form

  • Submit the GD form to the duty officer with all the required information.
  • The Duty officer may ask you to provide additional information.

The Duty officer will sign the form and provide you a copy of GD (with GD Number)after all clarification and checking.

Step 4: Follow Up

  • Follow up on your general diary to inquire about the status of your GD by calling or  visiting the police station in-person
  • The Police may also contact you for additional information or to provide an update on the case’s status.

By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your complaint or report is accurately recorded and processed by the police.

A GD form looks like this attached document:


Source: Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Online GD Application Process:

The regular process of filing GD needs to be completed commencing over to the nearest police station and completing some paperwork. The Government of Bangladesh along with the Police Department has introduced an online GD system. Any citizen can now file a GD online without going to visit the police station.

Step-by-Step Guide for Filing Online General Diary in Bangladesh:

The process of filing an online GD requires two main steps – first by registering using the Online GD mobile application and then by using the Online GD web portal.


Registering process using the online GD Application:

One individual will need the following documents for the GD application online.

- NID card

- Valid Android phone with sim

- Live picture.


Step 1: Download the application form

Bangladesh police have offered an app that one can find on the Play Store. One can navigate the Play Store app on their smartphone phone to find the GD app launched by Bangladesh police.

Step 2: Pre-registration

Click on registration after downloading the app. At this step, the user needs to provide the NID number and date of birth. Based on the provided information, detailed information will appear on the following page. If all the steps and information are entered correctly, then the user will be asked to take a live picture using their smartphone for verification.

Step 3: Number and Password

In this step, the user will be asked to enter their valid mobile number and password for setting the account credentials. Once it is done and activated, the user will be asked to use the credentials and passwords to log in. To confirm your identity, a code (OTP) will be sent via SMS to your given mobile number. Enter the code (OTP) correctly.

Step 4: Final Registration

After logging in to the site, the user needs to put their location details and signature. Once the information has been saved and updated successfully, the user will have to verify their phone number using the verification tab. For verification, a 6-digit OTP code will be sent on the mobile. After that, the users will be ready to file their general diary.

Filing GD Using the Web Portal:

In this step, to complete the filing process after successfully registering the credentials, users will have to navigate to the GD web portal. This is the second step of the two-step registration and filing process. The web portal is exclusively used for filing GD, and it cannot be used to register the credentials.

Step 1: Log in to the portal

To log in to the web portal, the first step is to use the mobile number and password set earlier. The details of the user should pop up on the dashboard once logged into the website. The dashboard also shows the number of filed GD, and other statuses of the GD like accepted and unaccepted ones as well as the “in-process” ones.

Step 2: Selecting Criteria

In this step, users have to select the type of complaint and select the district and police station in which they want to file a GD. From there another sub-menu will pop up for detailed information about the lost/found object. For example, if a person loses his or her passport, they will have to select a passport from the sub-menu. Enter the time and place of the incident and click the "Next" step button.

Step 3:  Filling the Information

Once the lost/found option has been selected, users will need to input the relevant information about the object. For example: In the case of a passport, the serial number, expiry date, and country of issuance need to be filled out in detail. Each option in the sub-menu has its own set of the required information. Users will have to carefully fill out the information for the GD to be accepted.

Users will also have to additionally input their address and contact details. The time, location, and the process of the incident also need to be filled out in detail. After that, users will have to put a tick mark on the “Terms and Conditions” and click on apply.


Step 4: Mobile Verification

Once submitted, the web portal will prompt another mobile verification to authenticate the application. Users will again receive a 6-digit OTP code which they will have to use to verify the application.

After successfully applying, users will get a tracking number and an application print option on the next page. Carefully save the tracking number and download the printable application. There should be an attached QR code as well for tracking. Check back after 3 or 4 working days to see whether the application has been processed or not. After successful processing, users will get the formal GD document for printing and use where necessary.


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Source: Online GD in Bangladesh



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