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Happy Children, Happy Life. 

Child protection refers to protect the children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. In Cox's Bazar children face several protection risks and challenges that reflect their different vulnerabilities, needs, strengths, and capacities depending on several intersecting factors, such as age, gender, disability, and other relevant diversity factors. Both Bangladeshi and Rohingya children experience domestic and community-induced violence including physical and emotional abuse. The Child Protection Sub-Sector (CPSS) in Cox's Bazar is coordinating the child protection (prevention and response) intervention in Cox’s Bazar.


Child Protection Initiative in Camp:


  • Social and emotional learning
  • Psychosocial support for children and caregivers
  • Positive parenting session
  • Life skill-based education and Psychosocial support for Adolescent
  • Community awareness
  • Learn to lead.
  • Learn to earn.
  • Establish and strengthening of Community Based Child Protection structures.
  • Awareness raising on child protection with special focus on specific focus on child protection issues given by community. 
  • Community Led initiatives.
  • Capacity building for community, volunteers, service providers, and stakeholder 
  • Positive parenting sessions for parents and caregivers
  • Prevention of child marriage and to warn parents not to get involved in child marriage.
  • Create awareness to children, parents, and community-based committees about the worst impact of child labor.


  • Provide specialized child protection services including case management for at risk girls and boys.
  • Child protection case management for vulnerable children, including Developing a smart case plan based on the assessment and support.
  • Support Lost and Missing Child Reunification
  • Arranging alternative care for parentless children
  • Making temporary care arrangements for Lost and Missing Children.
  • Non-Food Item Distribution
  • Conduct counselling
  • Ensure best interest for children Ensure legal and health care services for abused children including sexual, emotional, and mental abuse.


Child Protection Focal Contract for Camps: *

1Camp 1E BRAC Md. Faruquz Zaman CFS Manager faruquz.zaman@brac.net 01833301607
2Camp 1W RI Nazma Akter CP Program Associate nazma.akter@ri.org 01866470531
3Camp 2E CODEC Abdur Rahim Centre Manager abdurrahimgm1991@gmail.com 01818558053
4Camp 2W BRAC Banamali Chandra DasProject Officer banamali.das@brac.net 01851800743
5Camp 3 BRAC Atiqur Rahman Project Officer atiqur.rhm@brac.net 01826360345
6Camp 4 TDH Habibur Rahman PSS Team Leader habibur.rahman@tdh.ch01816908679
7Camp 4E CARITAS Kanantar Chakma Technical Officer- CBCP kanantar_chakma.cro@caritasbd .org 01820330375
8Camp 5 TDH


Rashel Uddin Ali

Child Protection Team leader rashel.ali@tdh.ch 01818143280
9Camp 6 CODEC Maruf Hossain Centre Manager marufhossainbd679@gmail.com 01852514522
10Camp 7 CODEC Mozammel Haque Centre Manager mozammelhaque232@gmail.co m 01906570916
11Camp 8E IRC Kaniz Fatema Child Protection Case Worker Kaniz.Fatema2@rescue.org 01847352623
12Camp 8W TDH Md Shahnewaz CP Community Based Team Leader md.shahanewage@tdh.ch 01533420360
13Camp 9 IOM

Mohammed Isha


CP-Case Workermisha@iom.int01814279727
14Camp 10 Save the Children Md. Abul Hossain

Project Officer Case


mdabul.hossain@savethechildre n.org 01730950126
15Camp 11 Save The ChildrenSumaiya Akter NabilaOfficer Casework  Sumaiya.nabila@savethechildren.org 01686538199
16Camp 12 Save The ChildrenRashna Sharmin Keya Officer- Case management. Rashna.keya@savethechildren.org



17Camp 13 Save the ChildrenAsma Siddiqua Project Officer – CP



18Camp 14 COAST Md Lokman Field Coordinator lokmankhokan.coast@gmail.com 01818996982
19Camp 15 BRAC Shafiqul Islam CFS Manager safiqul.islam1@brac.net 01847456400
20Camp 16 BRAC Mahbub Hasan Project Officer mahbub.2020y@gmail.com 01877935312
21Camp 17 BRACShamimur RahmanChild Protection Officer Shaminur.islam@brac.net 01833301604
22Camp 18 Save the Children Mohammed Abdul Momin Mamun  Project Officer, Case Management



23Camp 19 Save the Children Mohammad Ali Officer – Case Management



24Camp 20



Md Abdul Kayes CBCP Officer



25Camp 20 Extension



Md Abdul Kayes CBCP Officer



26Camp 21 Save the Children Shamima Begum

Project Officer- Case


shamima.begum@savethechildr en.org 01842714764
27Camp 22 BRAC Sabuz Mia Project Officer sabuz.m@brac.net 01871413088
28Camp 24 CODECSukhen Chandra BiswasCase Management SupervisorSuken.biswas4212@gmail.com01814310003
29Camp 25 RIShohal Shikder Child Protection Program Associate shohel.sikder@ri.org 01811681920
30Camp 26 Save the ChildrenSalah Uddin

Project Officer- Case


salah.uddin1@savethechildren.o rg 01858015416
31Camp 27 CODEC Md Jahir Uddin Centre Manager mdjahiruddin1978@gmail.com 01825286746
32Kutupalong RC Save the Children Tareq Mahmud Hero

Project Officer Case

Management – CP

tareq.hero@savethechildren.org 01815368895
33Nayapara RC Save the ChildrenMd. Ariful Kabir Ashik

Project Officer Case


ariful.ashik@savethechildren.or g 01811149336


Contract for emergency assistance –

UNHCR Hotline (Support for Rohingya in Camps)- 16670


For more information or any specific information, contact us –

Email: Info.Sheba@rescue.org  |  WhatsApp: +8801810008500  |  Facebook Messenger: facebook.com/Signpost.Infosheba


Reference sources:

* https://www.humantarianresponse.info/en/operations/bangladesh/child-protection