A National ID Card (NID)/smart card is a 10-digit digital national identity card made of plastic polymer. Various facilities or services can be availed through this NID. It is a mandatory document for all Bangladeshi citizens.

Benefits of Smart Card or Voter ID:
To identify voters in electionsFor buying and selling real estate
To share the application and Beneficiary Owner’s (BO) account openingFor trade license
For generation and renewal of driving licenseFor job applications
For passport application and renewalFor insurance and scheme applications
For receipt and payment of the loan in the bankIn case of registration of marriage or divorce
For withdrawal of government allowanceTo open a bank account
For government subsidiesIn the case of admission to educational institutions
Various aids are available for convenienceIn identifying the accused or offender
For connection of telephone mobilesIn case of identification
For e-ticketingTo login to Secure Website.
To get an Income Tax Identification NumberFor vehicle registration


Age of Applicant for New Voter ID Card:

For new voter registration or new voter ID card, the applicant's date of birth must be on or before 01/01/2007. There will be no problem whether your age is more or less than 18 years. But if you are under 18 years old, you will get a new voter ID card but will not be able to vote. When the age reaches 18 years, the name will appear in the voter's list and can vote.


Application Procedure for New Voter ID Card: -

There are two ways to apply for new voter registration.

First step:

  • Go to the concerned upazila election office and collect the new voter registration form No. 2.
  • The voter registration form should be filled in and submitted to the office with the required documents.
  • Each new voter registration form No. 2 has a unique number through which the details of the applicant can be verified.
  • Voter registration forms cannot be photocopied and used by more than one person or cannot be collected this form from any photocopy shop.
  • After applying, the Upazila Election Officer and Registration Officer will verify your application and approve the new voter if all the information and documents are correct.

No. 2 New Voter Registration Form: http://www.ecs.gov.bd/bec/public/files/1/reg%20Form.PDF


Second step:

  • Application to become a new voter can be done online.
  • If you apply to become a new voter by going to the Bangladesh Election Commission website www.services.nidw.gov.bd,
  • you can download the new voter registration form No. 2, print it,
  • attach the required documents and submit it to the concerned upazila election office.
  • The Upazila Election Officer and Registration Officer will approve the new voter after verifying your application and submitted documents if all the information is correct.

What does it take to be a new voter?

  • Online Birth Registration Certificate (Mandatory).
  • SSC/Equivalent Certificate (non-mandatory).
  • Copy of NID card of parents.
  • Spouse's NID copy and Kabin Nama/Marriage Certificate if married. (if applicable)
  • Report on a blood group test (non-mandatory).
  • Certificate of Chairman/Municipal Mayor/Ward Member/Ward Councilor.
  • Citizenship Certificate (Mandatory).
  • Copy of Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Gas Bill. It should be in the name of any member of the house.
  • Chowkidar Tax Receipt / Municipal Tax Receipt / House Rent Receipt (If possible). It should be in the name of any member of the house.
  • Undertaking that I have not been a voter before. Mandatory for those who are older.
  • Copy of passport (if any).
  • Copy of driving license (if any).

Submit the above documents which apply for you along with the application. Besides, documents should be submitted as per the advice of the concerned registration officer.


Some important tasks in the new voter registration form:

The back page of the New Voter Registration Form No. 2, Identifier's NID at No. 34 and signature at No. 35 in these two places, your neighbor or any other known person should enter the NID number and take his signature. It is better not to use the NID number of parents and spouses. Because their NID Number will be written on the first page of the form.

The name of the verifier should be written in serial number 40 on the form. The verifier must be a public representative. Like- Chairman/Vice Chairman/Member/Lady Member/Ward Councilor etc. The NID Number of the verifier should be entered in line 41 of the application form and the verifier should sign in line 42 and must use the seal.


Taking pictures and next steps:

After the registration officer concerned approves the application, your photograph, signature, ten fingerprints, and eye iris are scanned. Then they will cut the bottom part of the application and give it to you. It is called a voter registration slip. Everyone should save the voter registration slip. Because the slip is required for voter ID card number and new voter ID card collection.

NID number/Voter ID card number is sent through SMS to the mobile number mentioned in the application within 5-7 days after taking the photograph of the applicant. For some reason, if the message does not come on the mobile, the NID number can be collected by going to the concerned election office or online. After getting the NID Number/Voter ID Card Number, the new Voter’s NID Card can be downloaded online. The card should be downloaded, printed, and laminated. Everything will be done with it. The smart NID card of the new voters will be distributed from the concerned election office.


Contact details of National Identity Card issuing authority:

Email: info@nidw.gov.bd

Helpline: 105, +8801708-501261 


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