To ensure proper ownership of land, it is very important to understand all the rules of land measurement. Land survey is necessary to avoid complications. Learn about different units of land measurement to accurately measure land.


Types of land measurement in different ways. 

• 1 Ganda = 6 Kata

• 1 Ganda = 864 square feet

• 1 kara = 216 square feet

• 1 Kani = 20 Gandas

• 1 Kani = 17280 square feet

• 2 Kani 10 Ganda = 1 acres

• 1 Kani = 17280 square feet

• 1 Kani = 1936 square yards


Mutation/Namjari mean? 

Mutation (Namjari) means insertion of the name of the new owner in the Khatiyan (Record of Rights) instead of the former owner after transferring the ownership of a land. Mutation is indispensable to establish the proprietary rights over the property. When a person or institution acquires ownership of land/land through any legal means, updating the record in his/ her name. When a person's registration is completed, S/he is given a khatian containing a brief account of the land acquired by him/her. The statement of accounts i.e. owner's name, name of mouza, mouza number (JL number), dag number of land, amount of land in dag, if there is more than one owner, their assigned share and every year's levied rent (land development tax) etc. are recorded. No one cannot claim ownership of a piece of land officially without presenting the document of mutation. The duty of the new owner to mutate his/her name in the record of rights properly and cautiously.


Mutation/ Namjari Necessary Fees (all fees to be paid online)

  • It takes a total of 1170 taka to register.
  • Record correction fee Rs.1000/-
  • Court fee 20 taka on the application,
  • Notice issuance fee 50 taka,
  • Khatian fee 100 rupees,


Required Documents for Mutation/Namjari

1. Latest Enrollment mutation copy and Deposit Sharing (Joma Bhag) Certificate (where applicable).

2. Copy of Khatian published in latest gazette

3. Inheritance Certificate (if applicable) (issued within 03 months)

4. Photocopy / Certified copy of original document.

5. Baya/pit deed of transfer from the last survey till the time of application of the applicant.

6. Up-to-date land development tax payment submission.

7. Certified copy of the order /judgment / order / decree of the court (if applicable).

8. Pen drawing (Chouhoddi) of the land with boundaries (applicant's own).

9. Photocopy of National Identity Card of the applicant.

10. One recent passport size photograph of the applicant along with the application.

11. Copy of affidavit with photograph if any person nominated on behalf of the applicant wants to be present at the hearing

12. Documents prescribed by BIDA in case of industrial establishments.

  • Original copies of the documents submitted must be brought at the time of hearing.
  • Possession/necessary ownership record should be shown at Union land office within specified time.

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How land can be owned –

Ownership may be transferred through kabala/sell, gift, exchange, will, waqf, inheritance or by the Govt. through settlement of Khas land to the landless.

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