Freelance Outsourcing- the younger generation is more interested in this free profession.  Freelancers or independent professionals earn income from various foreign IT jobs at home. There are two ways to learn freelance work—one is online for free, and the other is paid courses at various institutes.  Apart from this, online freelance training opportunities are available in exchange for money.

Learn Freelancing Online

Nowadays, searching online provides various information useful for freelance work.  And so, you can search on Google or YouTube to get a basic idea about the subject you are interested in learning.  In the first week, try to learn different information just by searching.  If you want to learn graphic design, web development, and digital marketing from scratch, try beginner courses.  If you can do some work, you should do intermediate-level courses.  Follow the below steps to find the information you need online.

  1. When you find important information while searching online, bookmark or save it. For this, find 5 to 10 websites that have various information on your chosen topic and are updated regularly.
  2. Besides the website, find 5 to 10 YouTube channels with training videos on your chosen subject.
  3. You should regularly connect with 2 to 5 active groups on your favorite topic on Facebook or any other social media.  It will be easy to understand what type of work is currently in demand.
  4. High-quality courses are available online for almost all subjects for free.  And so, you have to register for 2 to 3 courses and take training on them.
  5. There are free e-books available online on almost all subjects.  In addition to online training, e-books on the subject of your choice should be downloaded on your computer or laptop and read regularly.

At least one to three weeks should be used to master the various information of your chosen website, YouTube channel or e-books.  But that's not all you need to learn.  Apart from getting the basic idea, note the important information separately, which will help you later.

After one to three weeks of training, start doing things independently by saving important information from your chosen website, YouTube channel, or e-books in one place.  Now, you have to post your work in the community groups you are part of.  Asking others to give their opinion on the quality of your work, you will find that many will point out various feedback related to your work.  As a result, the feedback related to any individual work will be known by others.  Now you can follow those suggestions and feedback to solve any error of your work and do the same again and post in the groups.  In this way, gradually, your work-related problems will decrease, and quality will improve.

Government-funded freelancing course

Free training courses under the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) include courses in SEO Marketing, Graphics Design, Email Marketing, Website Design, WordPress Design & Development, and more.

These courses provide a detailed understanding of the financing marketplace like,,, and, etc. The Government is running the below courses, which can be taken completely free, and after the course, there is a scholarship opportunity of 10,000/- or some such.


Popular Government-based Training Center for Freelancing Courses:

1. Uddipan

UDDIPAN Academy can offer various types of skill development programs, including technical, vocational, and soft skill development training. These programs can be personalized, accessible, and continuous throughout workers’ careers, placing “skills development” at the heart of these global transitions.

Courses offered by Uddipan:  Graphics Design, Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing. Here are three months and six months duration courses are conducted. Training is conducted here in two shifts, i.e., 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. Here, 50 people are recruited in each batch and circulars are given in July and March. Course link:


2. Sheikh Kamal IT Training Centre

Sheikh IT Training Centre plays an important role in producing more than 10 thousand freelancers annually.  But here, no money is paid to the student. It offers full government certificates and has 3 months and six months courses. It is located at BDBL Building, 3rd Floor East, 12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Contact: +88 09612342486.

Courses: SEO, Online Digital Marketing, Web Design and Developing, Graphics Design, Mobile Apps Design, Video Editing, 3D Animation, Web Application Development, Data Science and Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Basic Computer Courses.

Registration From-

All these courses are completely free, and government certificates are provided free of charge.


3. LEDP Learning and Learning Development Programme

To get training under LEDP, first, register at the LEDP website- Here are the three courses that are currently taught in the IT sector and all of them have to be done online: Graphics Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing.


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